Smart Business Practice - Hiring a Company for Welding Inspection and Supervision

It`s no secret welding inspection and supervision are important aspects of any mining business to ensure a high quality final product that promotes efficiency, safety and high return on investment for the company. If your product is not up to standards you could end up dealing with the following scenario:

Poor Standards = Repair/Replacement of Part/Component = Loss of Production= Loss of Income

The frustration of dealing with the loss of income in addition to the time spent in dealing with the issue itself can easily be avoided by hiring a company you can trust to provide welding inspection and supervision for your business. When hiring Elite Engineering WA, you can have peace of mind in knowing trained, experienced specialists will be handling your inspection and supervision needs. With our own in house Welding Inspector, Elite Engineering WA offers our customers top quality welding supervision or inspections, including all forms of NDT Non Destructive testing to suit your needs. In addition, you can trust all fine details are reviewed during inspection to ensure nothing`s overlooked that could jeopardize the quality of your product.

In the final inspection, you will receive a report that:
- Confirms if the welding is of a level to comply with relevant standards.
- Provides as built drawings or dimensional checks for future reference.
- Confirms a check that all specifications & requirements have been met.
- Provides a review of the Operator`s Manual or MDR.

Also, in utilizing Elite Engineering WA`s supervision services, you will be managing welding quality by ensuring all standards are met and potential rework is eliminated by catching any issues early in the welding process.

Elite Engineering WA provides welding and design consulting services, including inspection and expediting, to companies that require controls and documentation for the production of products geared towards the oil and gas or mining industries. We have the capability to handle all of your concepts through to manufacturing and pride ourselves in having an outstanding reputation for service, integrity and quality.

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