Manufacturing in China and Getting the Right Quality.

Manufacturing in China and Getting the Right Quality.

Not all manufacturers in China are the same, it can take time to find the right manufacturer that has the quality standards your company requires. If you choose the wrong Chinese manufacturer it can be a very costly and off putting experience.

While some people say that China is becoming too expensive and that we should be looking to other lower cost Asian countries, I believe that China has just come up to a quality level that if perfect for the Australian metal fabrication market.

Elite Engineering WA can help your company with the cost benefits of manufacturing in China while ensuring the quality and compliance to specification &/or standards are maintained. We provide a stress free experience where we can take care of everything for you.

Elite Engineering WA are Quality and Welding Consultants and have been conducting quality audits and welding inspections in China, we have made a lot of contacts along the way and would like to offer this service to more of our customers.

The service we offer :
• QA Documentation
    • Inspection and Testing Plan (ITP)
    • Welding Procedures
    • Welder Qualification Certificates
    • Weld Maps
• Project Management
    • Scheduling
    • Progress Reports
• Welding Inspection
• Welding Supervision
• Non-Destructive Testing with a 3rd Party CNAS certified supplier.
• Material Testing with a 3rd Party CNAS certified supplier.
• Post Weld Heat Treatment
• Blast and Paint
• CNC Machining
• Transport and Shipping

Additional Services we offer :
• Metal Casting
• CNC Machined Items
• Processed Steel
    • Profile Cutting / Cut to Length
    • Bending / Rolling
    • Plate Bevelling

Please contact us for a quote or more information.
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