When you work with Elite Engineering WA, you can expect...

    • Confirmation that all specifications & requirements have been met for your project.
    • An approach that ensures high quality standards.
    • A team effort where we work with your company to meet your welding and welder qualification needs with the right approach.
    • Our commitment to ensuring your company is fully compliant with relevant standards.
    • A tailored approach for any or all of your design and welding needs.
    • A team who listens to what's important to you as a company and client when developing and designing the right approach for your project.
    Welder Qualification

    Welding Procedures & Qualifications

    In Australia, the weld procedure documents and the production weld need to, as closely as possible, represent the final joint configuration and the size of the weld required.

    A WPS contains the details required by the operator for making production welds in accordance with Code requirements. These documents contain all the necessary variables to properly reproduce acceptable welds by qualified operators over and over again.

    Welding Inspection

    Welding Inspection, Testing & Expediting

    Elite Engineering WA are able to perform final inspections and expediting on behalf of our clients.

    Utilizing our own in-house Welding Inspector allows us to offer our customers top quality welding supervision and inspections. We also offer all forms of NDT Non Destructive testing to suit your needs.

    In addition, you can trust all fine details are reviewed during inspection to ensure nothing's overlooked that could jeopardize the quality of your product.

    Weld Specification

    Engineering Documentation

    Elite Engineering WA has extensive knowledge of all the documentation required to comply with Australian Standards, including :

    • Manufacturers Data Report
    • Weld Maps
    • Material Certifications
    • Material Safety Data Sheets
    • Operator Manuals.

    Confidence in your Welding

    Are you confident your products are of the highest quality and meet the appropriate welding standards ???

    Confidence in your Personnel

    Are you confident your personnel are fully qualified and compliant to meet the appropriate welding standards ???

    Confidence in your Documentation

    Are you confident your documentation meets your customers expectations and complies to the appropriate welding standards ???